Our Vision

To be the premier service provider of the commercial capital of Sri Lanka

Our Mission

Fulfill the needs of the people of Karuwalagaswewa to their satisfaction in an efficient and productive manner, conforming with the policies of the government and principles of Good Governance

History of Karuwalagaswewa Divisional Secretariat

Before 1999, Municipal Council area was regarded as only one Divisional Secretariat Division. Later, this office was divided in to two; namely,  and Thimbirigasyaya. There are 47 urban divisions in Municipal Council. Though the Grama Niladhari divisions were established according to those urban divisions, another 8 Grama Niladhari divisions were established considering the population density. Accordingly the total no. of Grama Niladhari divisions is 55. Out of those 55, 30 belong toDivisional Secretariat. According to the 2001 census,Divisional Secretariat Division had the highest population density which was 377,396. It was estimated to be 425,000 by the year 2005. Since then, this office has faced so many difficulties and developed a mechanism to serve the public more effectively efficiently.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Reman Perera 1991 1991

News & Events

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